Uniform Resources

The Cadet uniform is a source of great pride as it displays the individual’s accomplishments during their time as a Cadet. There are many details and questions that frequently come up about the Cadet uniform. A quick resources to answer those questions can be found in CATO 55-04.

CADET DRESS REGULATIONS – nationally produced Cadet Administration and Training Order (CATO) 55-04 is available from at the local Squadron.

CHECKLIST FOR ORDERS OF DRESS – For a given activity, cadets will be instructed to wear a specific “order of dress“. These numbered orders determine which pieces of uniform are to be worn. The following tables show the Orders of Dress which uniform items are to be worn:

The following table shows the most common Orders of Dress.

Order of DressWedgeDress ShirtTieSweaterBlue T-ShirtPants & BeltJacketRibbon(s)Medal(s)Boots

HAIR – Squadron staff will instruct Cadets on proper and acceptable hair cuts (Hair cuts are NOT buzz-cuts).

NAME TAG – The name tag is worn above the pocket on the right side of the jacket and dress shirt. The placement changes if the Cadet has also earned the Cadet medal(s). Medals are worn on the jacket. The ribbon representing the medal can be worn on either the jacket or the dress shirt – depending on the order of dress.

QUALIFICATION PINS – There are many qualification pins available to be earned by Cadets!

BADGE PLACEMENT – A common question is “Where do the badges go on the jacket?”. Please see CATO 55-04 Annex D.

POPPY – During the Remembrance period from the end of October through November 11, Cadets are required to wear a poppy on their uniform. The poppy is worn on the left side of the chest. It is worn when Cadets are wearing their uniform dress shirt, jacket or parka. It is not worn on the sweater or t-shirt.

AIR CADETS LEAGUE 75TH ANNIVERSARY PIN – The pin recognizing the 75th Anniversary of the Air Cadet League of Canada is worn on the breast pocket flap on the left side of the jacket. The pin is to be placed between the flap button and the centre of the chest. It is not to be worn on the dress shirt. The pin is authorized for wear from September 1, 2015 until December 31, 2016.

UNIFORMS – HOW TO: There can be some complicated details in the preparation of the Cadet uniform. Squadron staff will instruct Cadets on the proper care of their issued uniforms.


  • The wearing of the name tag on jacket or shirt are at the discretion of the CO. Name tag is not to be worn on the Sweater, T-shirt or Parka.
  • Starting in September 2011, the light blue and grey cotton T-shirts shall be gradually replaced by the dark blue cotton T-shirt. Cadets are authorized to wear the light blue or grey cotton T-shirt as indicated above during the transition period.