Adult Enrolment FAQ

Question Answer
Is there an age restriction on volunteers? Adult volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
Do I have to commit to every weekly training night? No. You need to be realistic about your other commitments and discuss your availability with the Commanding Officer. Cadet Squadrons often have some volunteers who help out on specific events each year and some who come out every week.
Is it necessary to have a child who is a Cadet to volunteer? No. Many of our volunteers discover the Air Cadet program because they have a child who joins. But that is not a requirement.
My child is a Cadet and I don’t want to be in their ‘space’. How can I help without bothering them? It is very common for parents of Cadets to volunteer with our Squadron Sponsoring Committee. This group coordinates local sponsorships and facilities for the Squadron. This work is extremely important and is usually not in immediate sight of the Cadets.
I have a specialist skill or qualification. Can I lead an activity in that area? The Squadron Staff need specialist skills to help provide a well rounded and exciting program. We must first ensure that the activity is permitted under the regulations. Make sure that you tell the Commanding Officer about what you bring to the table!
What is in it for me? It is important to remember that our service is for the Cadets. We, as adults with a youth program must work together to ensure a productive and healthy environment for the Cadets. Having said that, it is emmensely gratifying to see Cadets take their first flight in a glider, earn first aid qualification, learn to build a survival shelter, teach a class…..and the list goes on and on.

Still have questions? Come out to a Squadron Training evening and we’ll be happy to answer them all.

The bottom line….if you are willing to give of your time to help the youth of your community – come fly with us!