Annual Cadet Awards (Local)

Day TrophyFirst Year Proficiency
Healey TrophySecond Year Proficiency
Ness TrophySenior Proficiency
Commanding Officers AwardMost Improved Junior Cadet
Commanding Officers AwardMost Improved Senior Cadet
Officers Award Most Outstanding Female Cadet
Officers Wives AwardMost Outstanding Male Cadet
Robert B. Smith Memorial TrophyBob Smith Most Proficient Bandsman (Pipes & Drums)
155 Band AwardMost Improved Bandsman (Pipes & Drums)
Highland Dancer AwardMost Dedicated Highland Dancer
Women's Auxiliary AwardMost Proficient Marksman
155 Squadron Spirit AwardPromoting the Squadron
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 25Most Proficient Musician (Bradd & Reed)
Lucy Healey Recognition AwardMost Improved Musician (Brass & Reed)
MacKinnon Memorial BursaryOutstanding Achievement
Harvey Morrison Memorial AwardMost Proficient Cadet
Friends of 155 Borden Gray G.C. BursaryCommemorate 100 Years of Aviation Bursary
Glider Proficiency AwardSuccessful returning Glider Pilot from summer training
Non-Current Awards
Brass & Reed Proficient Cadet MusicianMost Brass & Reed Proficient Cadet Musician