Cadet Enrolment FAQ

Question Answer
How old do I have to be to join? To join, you must have reached your 12th birthday. Cadets must ‘retire’ when they turn 19.
Can I join if I am over 12? Yes, Cadets joining at 14 or over can complete the first two training levels in one compressed year – or they can participate at the regular rate of training.
Are Cadets members of the military? In one word: NO. Cadets are not members of the military and there is no commitment to join the military.
What does it cost? Joining the Squadron is free. Mandatory training is free. There are some optional activities that will have some costs that are discounted by our sponsors. In return, Cadets are required to participate in fundraising activities.
The marching and uniforms makes it look like the military. Am I going go get yelled at? The aim of the Air Cadet program is to develop in youth the attributes of leadership and good citizenship. We are not going to do that by yelling. It is important to note that the delivery of commands on a parade can seem like yelling – but the leader must be heard over the band and other noise, so they will raise their voice. That is not yelling at people.
How much does the uniform cost? The uniform is loaned to the Cadet without any fee. Cadets can exchange items of their uniform as they grow (which teenagers constantly do). Cadets are required to take care of their uniform and must return it when they leave Cadets.
Is it true that there are Summer Camps and that Cadets get paid to attend? Yes. There are Summer Training Courses available and YES, Cadets get paid to attend them. There is even an International Exchange to countries around the world (and you get paid to do that too)! See the Training – Summer menu item for more details.
Can I become a pilot? Yes! Air Cadets can earn the Transport Canada licenses as Glider Pilot and Private Pilot through the Summer Training courses. Also, Cadets can take to the air twice each year at the Squadron as we get familiarization flights in Gliders.
Is there anything in the Air Cadet program for people not interested in flying? Absolutely! Cadets learn survival skills, marksmanship, learn a musical instrument, there are lots of sports, model rockets and lots more. Along with aviation and many other subjects, Cadets learn about leadership, instructional techniques and citizenship.
Who are the leaders/teachers of the Cadets? Air Cadet instructors are often past cadets themselves. They are members of the community and have civilian occupations. Some are Civilian Volunteers and some are Members of the Canadian Forces. ALL adults are screened as shown below in the Adult Enrolment section of this page. As Cadets gain experience, they become instructors as well!
I am also in soccer, hockey, and other activities. Is that okay? The only mandatory events on the Cadet schedule is the weekly training evening and a few other events over the year. Most activities are optional. Cadets can participate in as many or as few activities as they wish. NOTE: It is important to remember that school comes first – so if you have too much homework (or are sick), Cadets can call in to be excused from any activity (even the mandatory ones).
Okay, I am interested but still not sure. If I join, do I have to stay all year? Cadets may leave the program at any time. We encourage all Cadets to stay for the entire year, because, if you don’t like what we are doing right now, there may be something that you will find more fun in the coming weeks and months.
How do I join? To join, CLICK HERE and select Register Now.  In the Unit Name box, search for: 155 Borden Gray GC, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

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