LAC Bear

The continuing adventures of LAC Bear, the unofficial mascot of the 155 Borden Gray G.C. Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario!

Robert B. Smith Memorial Trophy

Robert B. Smith Memorial Trophy For the most Proficient Bandsman of the Year Pipes & Drums In Memory of Bob T. Smith, 155 Squadron Air Cadet Pipe Instructor 1954 – 1965 Bob Smith Trophy for the Most Proficient Bandsman is presented to the band member with the highest level of musical proficiency. Award started in 1966 and is awarded …

Ness Trophy

Senior Proficiency – Most Proficient Senior Cadet, Presented by F/L H.B. Ness Ness Trophy for Senior Proficiency, highest marks among senior cadets, this award was donated by Flight Leader Bruce Ness Commanding Officer of the squadron. Award started in 1963 and is awarded annually.

Women’s Auxiliary Award

Women’s Auxiliary to the air Cadets 155 Squadron, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Most Proficient Cadet in Marksmanship. Woman’s Auxiliary Award for the most proficient Marksman, presented to the cadet with the highest average scores on the range. Award started in 1979 and is awarded annually.

Harvey Morrison Memorial Award

The Harvey Morrison Memorial Award is presented to an Air Cadet to further their education who has shown all round proficiency in all aspects of cadet training.  This is awarded jointly by the Associated Canadian Travellers Sault Ste. Marie Club and 432 Algoma Wing RCAF Association. Harvey Morrison Award comes with a $100 bursary and …

Glider Proficiency Award

Proficient Cadet in Gliding Pilot Program, Donated by Mr. & Mrs. W. Holtz. Gliding Pilot Proficient Award is awarded annually at Wings Parade to the top Glider pilot returning from summer Training. Award started in 1973, was donated by Mr. & Mrs. W. Holtz and is only awarded when a cadet completes the Glider summer …

Friends of 155 Borden Gray GC

Annual Cadet Awards, Mr. Paul Dalseg, Founding Member: Friends of 155 Borden Gray GC Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Bursary, December 17, 2003 ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF FLIGHT Friends of the 155 Borden Gray G.C. Royal Canadian Air Cadets Squadron Bursary. This award is presented to a senior cadet who has completed a number of …