Training Resources for Senior Cadets

These are a few resources in support of the Training program that will be of value to senior Cadets.

Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP) – These documents are the primary authority governing the development, implementation, conduct and evaluation of the training and standards to qualify as a Cadet in the Levels of the training program:

The full QSP documents are available from the Squadron Training Officer. The versions posted below are redacted to remove any specifics on the actual evaluations.

Instructional Guides (IG) – These documents are to be used by Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons in conjunction with other resources to conduct the Proficiency Level Program. The IGs provides instructors with the base means from which to deliver training. Before reading any of the IGs, here are some definitions to help you to understand lesson assignments:

  • Performance Objective (PO) – the subject or course of study.
  • Enabling Objective (EO) – the individual lesson in a PO.
  • Mandatory (M) – this specific lesson (EO) is required and will be taught.
  • Complimentary (C) – this specific lesson (EO) is optional and may be taught.

For example, an instructor could be assigned M309.04. Here is that code broken down:

The full IG documents are available from the Squadron Training Officer. The IG documents have been broken down to display below, each PO separately. Select a Level below and click on the PO # to view the Instructional Guide.