155 Squadron Change of Command Parade

Wed May 29that the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre.

Cadets are required to be there at 5:15 pm to prepare for the parade.

Parents are invited to stay and watch the parade, which will commence at 5:50 pm in an area that might only be for standing room with limited seating for those in need of a seat.  Captain James Browne will be finishing out his four year term as Commanding Officer and Captain Ken Floyd will be appointed the 155 Squadron Commanding Officer.

L/Col Doré Commanding Officer, Regional Cadet Support Unit will be the Reviewing Officer.

Cadets will be attending as part of their level training a presentation by Dr. Roberta Bondar at 7 pm which is open to the general public with limited seating. The 155 Squadron Cadets and Staff has reserved seating for this very interesting presentation. Parents and guests interested in attending Dr. Bondar`s presentation are requested to contact the Bushplane Museum at 705-945-6242 or by e-mailing forestfire@bushplane.com.

On Wednesday 29 May, 2019 Canada’s first female astronaut, Dr. Roberta Bondar will be at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, for a free multimedia presentation. There is limited seating so guests are required to conform their attendance in advance.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Dr. Bondar’s multi media presentation begins at 7 p.m. and is sure to entertain, inform all who attend. Refreshments will be available following the presentation.

Donations to the Bushplane are appreciated

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