2018 Fall Ex

On Friday November 16th to Sunday November 18th a fall field training exercise will be held at St. Kateri outdoor training Centre, 1639 Goulais Avenue.

Cadets must be dropped off at the Armoury by 1800hrs (6pm) or if you live near the facility you can meet us there at 1900(7pm) on Friday having already eaten supper. They are to be picked up at the armoury at 1530 hrs (3:30 pm) on Sunday or picked up at the facility by 1445 hrs (2:45pm).

Cadets will learn basic survival skills such as shelter building, night navigation, compass use, as well as Coleman lantern and stovesafety.

Cadets not dressed for the weather will not be allowed to participate. A kit list is attached.

Cadets must also bring their health cards with them.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the squadron office for more information.

Yours Truly,

Jim Browne

Commanding Officer
155 Borden Gray G.C. Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Cadets


Kit List

To be issued bv 155 Squadron:

  • Down filled arctic sleeping bag

Cadets need to bring

  • Health Card
  • Suitable clothing for all weather
  •  Coat
  •  Toque
  •  Gloves
  • Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Hiking Boots/Rain Boots
  •  Notepad/pen
  •  Sweater
  • Pants (preferably not jeans)
  •  Hygiene-kit
  •  Sleepwear
  • Heavy socks (i.e.wool)
  •  Sport socks
  • Non breakable travel mug
  • Book or cards



  • Knives
  • Food
  • Matches
  • Jewelry
  • Technology — MP3 players, cell phones
  • Cash
  • Other Valuables