Local cadets shine at Band and Drill Competition

May 15, 2013  NEWS RELEASE NORTHERN ONTARIO BAND AND DRILL COMPETITION 2013 *************************** Local cadets win at Band and Drill Competition All three cadet corps from Sault Ste. Marie

Local cadets win at Band and Drill Competition

cadetdrillbandcomp-06-jpgw960h640bgcolor000000All three cadet corps from Sault Ste. Marie brought home awards at this year’s Northern Ontario Band Drill Competition held in North Bay, Ontario at the Pete Palangio Arena.

Competing with over 400 cadets, the 155 Borden Gray Air Cadet Squadron won a total of 10 awards.

Winning the Top Overall Class C Pipe and Drum Band advances them to the Central Region Band and Drill Competition held in Trenton in two weeks.

The awards in the Air Element were for Drill with Arms Team, Drill without Arms Team, Drill with Arms/Team Captain, Best Dressed/Drill Team, Class C/Pipe and Drum, Class C Pipe Drum/Drum Major.

For Top Overall, Pipe and Drum Major.

cadetdrillbandcomp-07-jpgw960h640bgcolor00000046 Royal Sovereign Sea Cadet Corps won the coveted Top Overall Class B, Brass and Drum Band.

These cadets will represent Northern Ontario in Trenton.

For as long as those attending this year’s event can remember there is a friendly rivalry between 46 Sea and 134 Admiral Mountbatten Sea Cadets from Sudbury.

46 Sea Cadets also won in the Sea Element, Top Class B Band, Top Drum Major in their element (Sea, Land, Air) and Top Drum Major over all.

The 2310 Army Cadets participated in the Drill without Arms and won Top Drill Team Commander.

cadetdrillbandcomp-08-jpgw960h640bgcolor000000“Bands play a significant role in a cadet corps or squadron,” explained Captain Ryan Lawrence, Regional Cadet Music Training Officer and overall coordinator of this Cadet Band Competition Series. “And offering these competitive performance opportunities to the bands enhances their music proficiency, but also builds great esprit de corps among the participants and their supporters.”

Each band is evaluated on the visual standard of their dress and display, their performance of a strict compulsory sequence of music and marching manoeuvres as well as a freestyle performance.

The band’s Drum Major is also assessed during these competitions.

These bands and drill teams are not only competing with other bands in their zones but, they are also competing with all zones in the entire area from all elements (sea, army, and air)!

cadetdrillbandcomp-12-jpgw960h640bgcolor000000The top teams within the Ontario regions (Northern, Central, Eastern and Western) will compete at the area level to determine the regional winner in two weeks time in Trenton!

The Cadet Music Training Program is an important aspect of cadet training.

Participating as a member of a band encourages cadets to overcome challenges and work as a contributing member of a team working toward a common goal.

Cadet bands are a great example of a group of youth mastering a unique talent while developing important values like teamwork, citizenship and effective performance skills during competitions.

The cadets draw on their training of the skills learned of drill movements, proper timings and location while working as a member of the drill team.

cadetdrillbandcomp-13-jpgw960h640bgcolor000000Many hours goes into weekly practice not only for the drill team members but also the drill team commander.

Awards are presented to the top units in each element ( Sea, Land and Air) for Drill with Arms, Drill without Arms, Best Dressed and Best Drill Commander.

This year saw the introduction of Supplemental Drill Without Arms and With Arms.

This a chance for cadets to show their skills as a silent drill team and perform a routine that requires the cadets to memorize the timing and place they need to be throughout the performance.

To find out more about the Canadian Cadet Organization and what great opportunities that are available for youth 12 to 18 years of age in your area please visit www.cadets.ca.

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